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    Restorative Dentistry

    Restorative DentistryOur Expert Services Will Restore Teeth Health, Looks, and Function

    No one gets through life without some type of dental issue. That’s why our restorative care treatments are so important at any age. 

    When we spot an issue during a dental hygiene exam or if a problem suddenly crops up, we will make a plan for restorative care. 

    What Is Restorative Dental Care?

    Restorative dental care is the spectrum of services we provide to bring back your natural smile and health when a tooth or teeth have been damaged or are missing. 

    What Are Restorative Services?

    Restorative services include cavity fillings, crowns, dental implants, dental bridges, dentures, and special therapies such as root canals. Other restorations include partials, inlays and onlays, and bonding. 

    What Type of Tooth Damage Requires Restorative Care?

    Tooth damage can include:

    • Teeth damaged by decay. Decay can be caused by foods, beverages and natural elements that wear down the protective outer layer of your teeth.
    • Sugary foods, especially, can cause tartar build-up and plaque, which lead to tooth decay. 
    • Teeth damaged by accident or injury. 

    What Materials do you use for Restorations?

    Depending on the restoration, we may use:

    • Composite resin: ceramic and plastic compounds that match the color of natural teeth
    • Porcelain: Very durable ceramic often used for veneers
    • Gold: Precious metal that is extremely durable
    • Amalgam: Mixture of metals often used for fillings

    Is Tooth Extraction a Restoration?

    Yes it is, but extractions are a last resort. If you suffer from any of the following, an extraction may be needed:  

    • Excessive trauma or decay 
    • Bone loss
    • Overcrowding
    • Infection
    • Periodontal disease 
    • Loose teeth

    When extraction is the only answer, we will do a gentle, pain-free extraction and provide options for tooth replacement.

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