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    Dr. Hicks completed a two-year comprehensive orthodontic program for general dentists. This means that he has an elevated level of orthodontic understanding and expertise compared to other general dentists. With his proven step-by-step approach, Dr. Hicks can walk you through the entire process, minus the actual procedure, right from his dental office! His process includes:

    1. Diagnosis and Selection
      Using guided methods, we can quickly identify your needs and choose the strategic procedure that best works for you.
    2. Analysis
      We can understand your exact needs and determine problem areas using the latest in technologies via computer calculations and analysis.
    3. Treatment Customization
      At this stage, we’ll design a personalized treatment plan. Here, you can visualize each step and what the finished results will look like.
    4. Admiring the Results!
      Once your procedure has finished its course, we know you’ll be overjoyed with the results of your new, beautiful, healthy smile!

    We offer adult and pediatric orthodontics, as well as Invisalign treatment.

    Dr. Hicks earned this certification because he wants to help his patients immediately. If you’re experiencing discomfort, worn or broken teeth, having difficulties chewing, or don’t like the look of your smile, we’re here to help!

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