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    Dental Implants

    cross section of dental implantImplants Are One of the Best Ways to Restore Missing Teeth 

    If you have lost a tooth due to disease, injury, or other reason, a dental implant may be the perfect solution. Dental implants are also a viable alternative to dentures or bridges that don’t fit well or when natural teeth roots don’t allow for dentures or bridgework.

    With a success rate of almost 98%, dental implants are the most reliable and permanent replacement for missing or damaged teeth. They feel, look, and function like natural teeth.

    Many dentists need to refer patients to an implant specialist. Not Dr. Hicks! From his office he can perform implant surgery, plus fabricate and place the crowns. He’ll manage your care from start to finish.

    Regardless of how you lose a tooth, you need to get a replacement to ensure other health concerns don’t crop up. Even the loss of one tooth can make your other teeth shift position, resulting in changes in your appearance, and your ability to speak and eat. 

    What are Dental Implants?

    Dental implants are tiny screw-shaped artificial tooth roots made of titanium. These “roots” are anchored into your jawbone, and after time,will fuse with your natural bone. This bone growth around the implant creates a sturdy foundation for artificial teeth, called crowns. A connector, known as an abutment, is placed on top of the implant to hold and support the crowns. 

    Implants are effective in replacing one tooth or several. They’ll blend with your natural teeth, making them look and feel natural. 

    What are the Benefits of Dental Implants?

    Patients enjoy better oral health with an implant because it leaves the surrounding teeth intact. And because they are anchored into your jawbone, they look and feel natural. There’s also no chance of them becoming loose or slipping. In addition:

    • Improved appearance. They look and feel like your own teeth.
    • Improved speech. Speak without the worry that teeth might slip.
    • Improved comfort. No discomfort from removable dentures.
    • Easier eating. Eat your favorite foods with confidence!
    • Improved self-esteem. Dental implants can restore your smile. 
    • Improved oral health. More of your own teeth are left intact, improving long-term oral health.
    • Durability. Implants will last many years. With good care, many implants last a lifetime.
    • Convenience. No need to remove the implants or use adhesives to keep them in place.
    • The crowns match the size, shape, and color of your natural teeth.

    Does Insurance Cover Dental Implants?

    It depends on whether medical insurance, dental insurance, or both could apply to the procedure, and on your specific coverage details and limits. Check with your insurance plan. 

    Did You Know?

    Three million people in the United States have dental implants… and that number grows by 50,000 annually!

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