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    Older couple with dentures smilingRemovable or Fixed, Partial or Full, Dentures Replace Missing Teeth

    When you have missing teeth, there are a variety of options for replacing them. As with any dental work performed at Hicks Family Dentistry, we will customize a plan that perfectly meets your wants and needs, whether that includes dentures or some other form of tooth replacement. 

    What Are Full Dentures?

    Full dentures are made of a plastic base colored to duplicate gum tissue. This base supports a full set of plastic or porcelain teeth. Most full dentures are held in place by suction, with the denture forming a seal with the gums. They can also be held in place by dental implants that are surgically placed in the bone of the jaws. Implants are more invasive than dentures but are also more permanent and serve the same purpose.

    What Are Partial Dentures?

    Partial dentures can be made with either a plastic base or metal framework of screws and clasps that are placed around your healthy teeth to lock in and support your dentures.  

    How Are Dentures Made?

    • Dr. Hicks will take impressions/molds of your teeth digitally. 
    • A dental lab will use these impressions to make models of the patient’s mouth. 
    • Dr. Hicks and the lab will slowly start building the dentures on these models, which will be transferred to your at each step to ensure proper fit, establish a proper bite, and ensure a pleasant and natural look. 
    • We’ll generally need to see you once per week for about 4 to 5 weeks until the denture is completed. 
    • You’ll then need to return occasionally during the first month for adjustments.

    You will receive a temporary denture while your final one is being made. 

    Fixed Versus Removable Dentures

    Fixed dentures are held in place by dental implants – tiny screws that fuse with your jaw bone to support the denture above the gums. Removable dentures are cheaper, but they also look and function less naturally than implants. They are prone to slipping as well. 

    Today, Dr. Hicks encourages permanent dentures held in place with implants, because:

    • Compared to conventional implants, permanent dentures require a shorter healing time, a less invasive procedure, and reduced post-op discomfort;
    • Compared to removable dentures, patients with fixed dentures can eat any foods and can speak more comfortably without the fear of dentures slipping;
    • They are long-lasting and robust;
    • Require fuss-free maintenance – no need to remove for cleaning;
    • Require minimal number of dental implants;
    • Support facial structure, giving patients a more natural look; 
    • Fit better than removable dentures for optimum comfort – they are customized to fit your mouth.

    Hicks Family Dentistry has been creating and placing dentures for years. When you are missing teeth, we can provide a lot of options, with treatments done right in our office. You don’t need to go through life unhappy with your smile. We can help!

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