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    Preventive Dentistry

    Financing and InsurancePreventive Dentistry is the Key to a Happy, Healthy Mouth

    At Hicks Family Dental, we gladly take the time to educate and demonstrate to all of our patients the importance of preventive oral care. By being proactive about your dental care, you’re setting yourself up for a lifetime of good health.

    There are simple ways to prevent future problems:

    • Daily brushing
    • Daily flossing
    • Regular dental exams and cleanings

    By doing just these three things, you’ve already reduced your risk of oral disease!

    We want you to understand how to prevent tooth cavities and tooth decay as well as many other problems that arise due to lack of prevention. 

    That’s why the highly experienced hygienists at Hicks Family Dental are happy to demonstrate proper techniques for the best at-home care, too. They’re also eager to answer any questions you may have about how things such as rich and acidic foods and drinks affect your teeth. 

    Our entire team is here to look out for your best interests. Teeth cleanings, dental hygiene exams and other preventive measures such as fluoride and sealants are a vital part of that. We also offer dental fillings, oral cancer screenings, and other specialized treatments

    At your first visit, our team will work with you to create a dental needs plan that fits in with your life, budget and priorities. We’ll always try to tackle the most pressing problems first. Of course, dental issues crop up, but consistent preventive measures can help lessen the severity. 

    As you visit us throughout the years, please know that you will always have a partner in prevention with Hicks Family Dental. And if you’re a parent, we will gladly help your children grow into good dental habits.

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