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    Pediatric Orthodontics

    girl with purple glasses and braces making heart with handsThe Benefits of Pediatric Orthodontics

    The benefits of straight teeth go beyond simple aesthetics. Having straight teeth prevents your mouth from becoming overcrowded, improves your bite, keeps your jaw healthy, and promotes overall oral health.

    At Hicks Family Dentistry, we believe that addressing teeth and jaw issues at an early age is the best way to set your child up for success. Pediatric orthodontics allows Dr. Hicks and his caring staff to correct alignment problems early so you can save time, money, and avoid unnecessary extractions later in your child’s life.

    What is Pediatric Orthodontics?

    Pediatric Orthodontics refers to the process of correcting the alignment of a child’s teeth. By applying this treatment at a young age, we are able to address crossbites in the back teeth, crowding of front teeth, misalignment of the upper and lower jaws, and much more.

    Dr. Hicks typically recommends this treatment for children aged six to ten years old. Tooth alignment is most easily treated before a child enters their teenage years. Depending on the treatment method, this process may take anywhere from six months to two-and-a-half years.

    Taking these steps while your child is still young will help you save time and money while protecting them from painful dental issues and complications as they age.

    What Does This Treatment Involve?

    For children under the age of 18 Dr. Hicks typically recommends either the use of traditional braces, or Invisalign®.

    Traditional braces use small metal brackets and wires to gently straighten teeth over time. Dr. Hicks uses state-of-the-art technology and orthodontic techniques to personally design each child’s brackets. This provides a faster, more comfortable experience with optimized, longer-lasting results.

    With traditional braces, Dr. Hicks will be able to make intricate corrections over time to control how your child’s teeth are straightened. This process usually takes between two to two-and-a-half years, depending on the child and severity of misalignment.

    For quicker results, Dr. Hicks may recommend using Invisalign® clear aligners. These aligners are comfortable, discreet, and easy to use. They are custom-made using 3-D imaging technology to fit your child’s teeth. This treatment usually takes between nine and 15 months.

    Dr. Hicks is happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have about pediatric orthodontics and which treatment options are best for your family.

    What are the Benefits of Having My Child’s Teeth Straightened?

    Ensuring your child’s teeth are properly aligned is one of the best things you can do to set them up for a life of great oral health!

    Orthodontic treatments can help prevent:
    · Overcrowding
    · Mismatched upper and lower jaws
    · Tooth extraction
    · Tooth loss
    · Crossbites in back teeth.

    At Hick’s Family Dentistry, your family’s health and comfort are our top priorities. If you would like to learn more about pediatric orthodontics, call our office at (717) 537-0938 to schedule a consultation today!

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