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    Teeth Whitening

    Before and After teeth whiteningGet the White, Healthy, Attractive Smile You’ve Always Wanted!

    Having a set of shiny pearly whites isn’t just a cosmetic issue — it’s part of maintaining a healthy mouth for a lifetime!

    Throughout your life, your teeth change. 

    They age from rich, acidic foods and drinks and exposure to elements that wear at the enamel and leave their mark. Coffee and tobacco are among the worst staining agents, along with red wine and dark fruits and veggies. 

    Some people are naturally prone to yellow or darkened teeth. Heredity often determines how your teeth will develop over time. 

    No matter how your teeth were stained, teeth whitening is the quick, easy, affordable, and painless solution you have been looking for. 

    While the local drug store is loaded with options, nothing beats the results of professional-grade whiteners. 

    Hicks Family Dentistry uses KÖR™ WHITENING – The New Generation of Whiteners

    If you’ve ever been disappointed by a professional whitening treatment, Hicks Family Dentistry invites you to try our system of choice: KöR Whitening. With this system, even stubbornly stained teeth can become sparkling white. 

    KöR Whitening uses a new formulation of gel that is recognized as one of the best treatments in the world to whiten teeth. An hour in our chair and some follow-up at home, and your teeth are on their way to becoming whiter than you ever thought possible. 

    If your teeth are just moderately stained or discolored, we can custom-make whitening trays for you use at home. These trays use the same whitening we use in our office. After your initial appointment, we’ll send you home with everything you need to complete this safe and painless procedure.

    Come see how quickly your teeth can be transformed through KöR Whitening. This safe, painless and lasting procedure truly is the best available today. Call our office today to schedule a teeth whitening appointment. 

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